About the Daytona Beach Police Foundation


Program Overview

The Daytona Beach Police Foundation (DBPF) was established in 2007 under the direction of former Police Chief, Mike Chitwood. The DBPF is a 501c3 organization, that raises money through donations and fundraisers throughout the year. The money that is raised is used to fund education and training opportunities and purchase equipment for Daytona Beach Police Officers that is not covered by the Police Department’s annual budget. Funds raised by DBPF do not replace municipal funding but rather supplement it to enhance public safety in the City of Daytona Beach.





DBPF does not replace municipal funding but only supplements it in an effort to develop and participate in approved activities, which are not covered in the department’s annual budget. To make a donation mail to:

Daytona Beach Police Foundation
P.O. Box 9063
Daytona Beach, FL 32120

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Private Resources

The private sector has a real stake in the success of the Daytona Beach Police Department and the safety of our city. The DBPF serves a vital role, connecting private investment dollars with effective public safety solutions. The Foundation is engaged in an effort to leverage private resources to fund high priority law enforcement needs. DBPF’s scholarship fund is a prime example of how the funds are being used.

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In addition to the scholarship fund, some of the foundation’s other goals include:

  • Supporting advance law enforcement training opportunities
  • Supporting community crime prevention programs
  • Assisting in research and development
  • Provide funding for DNA testing

Board of Directors

Chairman – Amy Workowski

Vice Chairman – Jamie Rountree

Immediate Past Chair – Mary Bennett

Treasurer – Bud Ritchey

Secretary – Stephanie Pignataro

Nominating Committee Chair – Kevin Kilian



Steve Beres

John Betros

Linda Bradley

Michael Burgess

Priscilla Chanfrau

Bob Davis

John Dolatowski

Kristen Hanson

Tad Jones

Suzy Kridner

Lisa Ryals

Edith Shelley

Domien Takx

Rose Ann Tornatore

Justin Webb

Barry Whitaker


Advisory Board:

Jakari E. Young

Chief of Police, DBPD

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