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Daytona Beach Police Foundation Ride Along Program

July 18, 2011


DAYTONA BEACH, FL, July 18, 2011 -- Have you always wondered what it was like to serve and protect residents and visitors of the City of Daytona Beach (CODB), like the Daytona Beach Police Department’s (DBPD) does on a continual basis? Are you interested in going undercover by riding side by side with a sworn police officer, observing a covert operation, watching police K-9’s implement their meticulous training, or receiving firearms training while shooting with an officer, one on one, at the range?

The DBPD Police Foundation is providing individuals with an exclusive opportunity to participate in a unique policing opportunity where individuals get to engage, first hand in the DBPD’s innovative Ride Along Program.

Starting this week, members of the DBPD Police Foundation will begin their networking and outreach efforts to area businesses seeking their support and participation in this fundraising endeavor. Foundation Members are requesting $250 donations per person, per event. Continued support of the DBPD Police Foundation will promote the Foundation’s amazing ability to support the DBPD and holistically the CODB, by providing advanced educational opportunities for officers, technological advancements for the department including specialized equipment, and contributions that have enhanced the DBPD’s overall proactive crime fighting efforts. Police Chief Michael J. Chitwood stated “most importantly the Foundation has provided an opportunity to seek closure for victims of crime by providing funding to pay for the expedited use of DNA to solve cases, directly funded by the DBPD Police Foundation and thereby being one of the greatest assets provided by the Foundation.”

The DBPD has expanded the Ride Along Program to make the experience more thrilling and hands-on for donors. The intent is to develop a more realistic community perception regarding the precarious and unpredictable nature of police work.

It’s more than a sit-on-the-sidelines experience. Each of the four customized programs provides actual hands-on training. These programs, each two to four hours in length, include firearms training, serving search warrants including the strategy and execution of a police sting, responding to dispatched calls for police service, and K-9 training.

Since there are certain inherent risks involved with participating in the Ride Along Program, civilian participants cannot compromise the safety of law enforcement officers. Therefore, participants must sign a release of liability prior to engaging in their chosen Ride Along experience. In addition to actually participating in the Ride Along Program, certain criteria are required for participation: applicants must be at least 18 years old, mentally and physically able to respond to the immediate dangers and critical situations that may arise while engaging in community policing initiatives. Click here for signup application.

For more information contact the Ride Along Program at 386-257-6828 or email
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