Did You Know?

The Daytona Beach Police Department main headquarters was originally housed on Marion Street from 1924 to 1960, when a new headquarters was built. The old station had one jail cell that housed 20 males, 8 females, and 1 juvenile. There were a total of 81 employees, including both civilian and law enforcement personnel. The Daytona Beach Police Headquarters originally housed a Court House.

set in Daytona Beach include:
     Day Number 142 (1974) by Edgar A. Anderson
     Last Cruise of the Nightwatch (1956) by Howard Broomfield
     Kick of the Wheel (1957) by Stewart Sterling

There have been a number of movies based on Daytona Beach, usually with a racing theme. The most recent example was the 1990 hit Days of Thunder, parts of which were filmed in Daytona Beach and nearby DeLand.

Chris Rea wrote the song Daytona which was in his 1989 album The Road to Hell.

Daytona Beach is "The World's Most Famous Beach" with 23 miles of great white sand beaches.

From April 15 through October 31, the area beaches host an unusual marine visitor - the sea turtle. These magnificent animals emerge from the surf at night to lay eggs in nest dug into the dry sand and then return to the seas. Two months later, approximately 100 hatchlings emerge from each of these nests and crawl to the ocean. This amazing cycle of Mother Nature is thousands of years old.

Daytona Beach is actually a collection of a number of beach communities that join to create a large seaside park. It stretches from Ormond-By-the-Sea to the north down to Ponce Inlet to the south.

Daytona Beach is one of the few beaches anywhere that allow motor vehicles to be driven on its broad, hard-packed sand beach.

Daytona Beach might best be known as the "Birthplace of Speed" and for its Daytona 500.

The hottest month of the year is July and the coldest month of the year is January.

Daytona Beach is named for its founder, Matthias D. Day.

Daytona Beach's sister city is Bayonne, France.

Florida is the only state, which has two rivers with the same name. One is in the north central region of Florida, while the other is located in central Florida. Both are named Withlacoochee River.

Beach Street is famous in Daytona Beach. It was named after Mr. Beach. The Beach family was important in Daytona's early days -- the fact is that Beach Street is not even close to the beach!

Bill France Boulevard was named after Bill France, one of the founders of NASCAR.

During the summer months, the rivers and canals of the Daytona area are home to hundreds of an unusual animal on the endangered list - the manatee. Manatees are fairly common in the rivers and canals of the Daytona area.